My Latest News

My two poetry books have been out for some time now. You can find them at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. “My Treasured Gifts from God” and “The View From My Window” {Christian Faith Publishers} both explore the devastating effects of mental disease on my life; particularly depression and bipolar disorder. I share my deepest thoughts and agony but also offer “light at the end of the tunnel”. For, my faith in God is what sees me through each and every day. Joins me as I share!

My first devotional, entitled “We Are Safe, God Is Good” should be out soon. This is from Elm Hill Publishers, the Christian side of Harper Collins. My poetry is showcased as well: one poem introduces each month and the devotions loosely follow the theme of that poem. It will be available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble as well.

My second devotional is completed but needs to be organized for the publisher. It will be entitled “The God of All Comfort”. It also includes my poetry and I hope this way of presenting devotions is pleasing to my readers.

I have other poetry books readied but, alas, they have to be paid for before they can be published. I am leaving that in God’s hands and He will tell me when I can take those leaps. In the meantime, I walk one step at a time and one day at a time, relying upon His guidance and wisdom. I pray you will enjoy watching my journey. Blessings.

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