Saturday Musings

I sure wish I had grown up more in the computer age. I am so challenged to develop an attractive and informative web site for my books. I surely hope people will be patient with me. Here’s one of my favorite poems for your perusal:

The Auction Block

There she stood on the auction block, beaten down by grief and sin.

How had it come to this she thought as the sale was about to begin.

The leering faces in the audience were filled with hate and lust.

As she saw herself through their eyes, she felt only loathing and disgust.

And then she saw that familiar face which had shown her kindness and care.

Shame spread over her pale cheeks as she surmised…could she dare?

To imagine that he had come for her was more than her brain could take in.

She tried her best to straighten up, to stand tall and to lift her chin.

It didn’t work because she was totally worn down by the shame of it all.

But there he remained, calmly waiting, until it was her name they would call.

Her name was Gomer and we never know if she was grateful for what he did.

We only know that Hosea was there in order to place the highest bid.

We are on that auction block every day. Our darkened sin places us there.

We give into the devil and walk his road, often without a thought or a care.

The Lord could leave us wallowing in our sin and our bad mistakes.

But he hung on a tree for us, for our weak human sakes.

Father God has come to bid on us and we see him in the crowd,

as we stand there upon the block, body slumped and our head bowed.

Cheer up, dear Christian, for he has come to bring us life within his glory.

No matter where you’ve been, he desires to change your story.

We do not have to stand exposed before the world, for them to judge.

His love is perfect towards us and his heart will never budge.

Your love is all he asks in return for all that he showers upon you.

Step off the block and rejoice. Yes, rejoice, in all that you do!

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