Birthday Girl!

Tomorrow is my 62nd birthday and I have no idea how I got so old. I certainly don’t feel that I am carrying that many years! My body may belie that statement, but my mind shouts, “I am youthful and often childlike!” Being this way makes it easy for me to follow Jesus’ admonition to have a childlike faith. I’m sure that’s a good thing. I’ve been blessed lately and my busy schedule has prevented me from taking time with this site. My bad. I was in OK City for a visit with family while scouting out my future home. Then I was able to visit with a dear PA friend and that was a joyous event. He even brought my Lions Club awards with him and that is yet another blessing for me. All I can do is count my many, many blessings and know that the Lord is walking closely by my side. I only need reach out to take His hand.

My latest blessing is holding my third book in my hands! “We are Safe, God is Good” will be available for purchase Aug. 8 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This is the book that God asked me to write and having done this despite my difficulties and trials is nothing short of a miracle. I wrote 365 devotions and have included 13 poems in this book. It’s presented under my maiden name (Gail Louise Wise) and that is another triumph. I am pinching myself to make sure that it’s really published and that all the hard work has culminated in this beautiful book! God is SO good!

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